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Abraham Speaks

Tetryonic theory is a physical theory of how probabilistic distributions of 2D mass-energy momenta interacts via their charged field geometries to form 3D classical Matter and their associated fields of motion and force.

Any challenger to the accepted theories of ‘modern’ physics must by definition disagree with the accepted theories and offer alternative hypotheses with which it seeks to improve upon or replace the existing theories – this is how we advance our understanding. Sometimes that knowledge comes in small increments or changes, at other times the changes require a profound re-interpretation and understanding of the countless observations and measurements – this was the case when quantum mechanics was born and remained the case as relativity theory strove to advance our understanding – it remains the case today as Tetryonic theory is presented to the World.

1. You may even consider all Tetryonic illustrations to be a wave-function ‘snapshot’ the system under measurement at any instant of time, IF you define wave-function to encompass all information about any system under measure inclusive of its classical components. However, to date all of physics as failed to define and distinguish between mass-energy & Matter let alone the source and mechanics of Charge at any scale in Physics, resorting instead to nebulous mathematical definitions of the same [such as stress energy tensors and other similar statistical models]. Do not get me wrong here they have served us well as we endeavored to understand what mechanics are at work at the quantum scale and apply equally as well to the largest scale – but they remain non-specific mathematical models of what is really happening at either scale in search of a true foundation on which they can be placed.

2. Accordingly, ANY attempt to describe a quantum system will indeed contain an essential probabilistic element if you are considering the fields themselves [as you should at this scale] but again all the statistical probabilities are derived from the equilateral tessellation of Planck energy momenta in the various charged fields and only represent a portion of the full picture.

3. It is indeed possible to know ALL the information of the system at the same time if you utilize equilateral Planck geometries to model the system’s scalar, quantized and vector components [ala Tetryonics]. Obviously this becomes increasingly complex as you model more and more information in larger and larger systems, but starting from the Planck foundation afforded to us by Tetryonic’s charged geometries it is indeed possible [given sufficient time and computing resource to model the entire universe if you so wished in its finest detail in a completely probabilistic manner].

4. Tetryonic theory reveals there is a wave-particle duality to many experimental systems and models, but not in the terms historically expressed by proponents of the Copenhagen interpretation [or by supporters of quantum indeterminacy in any of its forms]. Such views stem form an inaccurate interpretation of the true source of the probabilities of QM [mainly mass-energy momenta fields, Compton fields etc.] Each system is comprised of 2D equilateral quantum fields of Planck energies [masses] that in turn can create 3D material Matter [the simplest example I can give is the familiar electron in motion – with a 3D electron mass-Matter of 1.2e20 equilateral Planck quanta and a KEM field of [mv^2] mass-energy momenta, both of which can be described either as separate [but inter-related] Matter & mass components of a system under study [or as a complete KEM wave-electron particle system].

Similar to modelling a boat and its associated wake as it moves about, or through a canal system we can model the classical motion of the boat [electron] or measure its wake [interference patterns] as it changes course or moves through docks in the canal. Given a higher level view we may even model and describe both the boat and its wake in turn developing a more complete understanding of all the physics at work [instead of the disparate components].

In either case every piece of information about that system can be completely described and modeled including its associated wave probabilities OR by focusing on one for more aspects of the complete system under study until a more complete understanding can be formulated.

5. And it is here that we must both agree that most measurement devices are macro-scale devices constructed to measure one particular property or another of a system [i.e. its electric field variations, its magnetic field components or its KE/momenta]. What Tetryonic theory does is to allow us to model ALL the energy momenta fields that comprise a system and detail all aspects of the system that any chosen detector will measure [without resorting to indeterminacy]. There are sections in my QM and QED work that show and explain all the inter-related functions of any system [position, scalar mass-energies, linear momentum, angular momenta, vector forces, electric & magnetic field components and mass-ENERGY-Matter distributions] in one geometric illustration as required for each explanation point in question. These measurement devices provide us with information on but one aspect of the system.

6. The reason the correspondence principle works is that even quantum scale particles and fields are all classically defined systems [as illustrated in Tetryonics] with equilateral distributions of Planck mass-energy momenta [that in turn produces a normal distribution when modeled at the quantum field level in every instance] – one begets the other. From 2D equilateral Planck mass-energies we build up 3D Matter through charge interactions and while we may describe a particle classically or through probabilities [depending on the scale and level of detail we wish to examine or model – at any scale 3D Matter will be comprised of normal distributions of equilateral mass-energy momenta and its fields of motion will be likewise; as everything in our Universe [save space itself] is made from equilateral triangular Planck quanta which we can use to model any system.

I realize it is hard to re-train long espoused thoughts on the mechanics driving the quantum world, I too have had to deal with many contrary notions as I plumbed and tested the depths of Tetryonics theory in search of the answers it offers, but please remember every new turning point in scientific discover begins by questioning the accepted wisdom and understanding of its workings.

I do not purport my current version of Tetryonic theory to be THE theory that explains everything as I still have much to do – but to date I have applied it to QM, QED, Chemistry, Cosmology and Mathematics alike and developed an amazingly coherent, geometric theory that provides many new and startling insights into a unified mechanism underlying all these hitherto desperate disciplines of science. An understanding that continues to evolve to this very day.

I do have one word of caution that I offer to all who delve into Tetryonic theory in search of answers to their favorite problems, and that is to begin at the beginning with either QM [or Geometrics] before peeking at the solutions to timeless physics mysteries.

Tetryonic theory is built on the rigidity of equilateral geometry and in its development many small assumptions that have crept into physical sciences have been corrected. It is all too easy to be tempted to sweep it aside because it presents one aspect or another of physics in a completely new and unfamiliar light – this is the foundation of all new theories [and they all require brain re-training at one level of another in order to be understood and applied].

I assure you Tetryonics as coherent and consistent as the geometry that provides its foundation dictates it must be – it affords no speculative assumptions about the quantum fabric of our Universe.

The world is no longer flat, and the many long held barriers have been broken throughout History by those who dared to think a little differently about familiar things – I encourage you to join me and see where it leads.--ABRAHAM

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