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Geometry of Electricity

Once in every generation a change occurs. The 17th Century saw the Industrial revolution. The 18th gave us the Electrical revolution. The 19th century gave rise to the Age of Technology and the 20th saw the birth of Global Consumer societies.

For over a century now Science has advanced at a broken, but ever quickening pace, striving to meet the ever growing needs of our society and the technologies that fuels its growth.

All the time in search of some key piece of information that could unite the disparate disciplines into a unified whole – something that would provide a foundation to our understanding of the source of our Laws of Physics and the Constants of Nature.

The question “What is Electricity?” like the question “What is mass or Matter?” is often claimed to lie outside the realm of physics, belonging instead to that of metaphysics.

It is meaningless to the modern scientist. It is one of the fundamental components of our modern world and perhaps THE most fundamental part of modern physics that we have yet to explain in any meaningful way.

A force that originates in some way from an electric charge, a phenomenon with which the physicists consider themselves reasonably familiar, if only mathematically [its actual physics remain clouded in a quantum shroud of mystery].

The first to hint at foundations of this element was Benjamin Franklin, whose insights were quickly followed by the practical foresightedness of Michael Faraday and the mathematical brilliance of James Clerk Maxwell leading us headlong into our current electrical Age of Technology.

On December 12th 2012 our understanding of the physical Sciences changed forever with the release of the geometric theory of charged mass-ENERGY-Matter [Tetryonics].

In one bold stroke our understanding of the Universe forever changed, with the realization that at the smallest scale imaginable the SQUARE numbers of our physics result from the EQUILATERAL quantum geometry of electromagnetic energy itself.

A trinity where the Electric field is bound by the two poles of a Magnetic dipole within an equilateral geometry and interacts with countless others just like it to form all the Matter and Forces in our Universe.

From the two charged equilateral fascia of the quantum ‘Energy coin’ comes the radiant light that fills our Universe with colour; ceaselessly moving, pausing only to create the Matter that made our Stars, created our Planet and gave life to us.

A single geometry that has lain before our very eyes as we searched for a measure of understanding in the Sciences so we could tap the power that runs the Universe and bend it to our will for our own purposes.

Electricity has ushered in an age that has seen us replace the day-labourer and his horse for a new unseen source of untiring labour – Electricity, which toils for us day and night meeting our needs.

Charge [Q], the basis of electricity is something that scientists and engineers have never been able to bring within their field of comprehension; along with a formalised distinction between the physical properties of mass [m] and Matter [M] that determine the magnitude of the gravitational force [G].

Electromagnetism [and magnetism in particular] is explained as being due to the motion of Electric charges, but as long as the charge itself remained unexplained, the addition of movement did not represent much of an advance to the understanding of quantum source of Electricity and the role it plays in building and powering our Universe.

The physicists have therefore taken force, the phenomenon that they believe they do understand, and developed from it a model of physical reality that fails to provide a clear, coherent explanation for all its observed properties and the phenomena it in turn creates.

Present-day physics have no understanding of the nature of the electric charge. We are simply told that we must not ask; that the existence of electric charges (and the forces they create) has to be accepted as one of the given features of nature, along with the physical constants.

As Feynman observed, “Mathematicians…do not even need to know what they are talking about.” The geometric interpretation of the mathematics is important primarily because it is one of the essentials for an understanding of the relationship between mathematics we invent & the physical phenomena it seeks to describe for us.

While Mathematics is the language of Science – Geometry is its Grammar.

To not pause every now and then, take stock of our theories and subject them to a rigorous analysis invites us to wander down blind alleys and cul-de-sacs of experimentation when our resources and efforts could be better utilized elsewhere bettering the Human condition.

Since the discovery of Electric and Magnetic forces, and their unification with Mathematics we have sought to describe their effects and developed in-numerable electrical technologies that have advanced the standard of living for many across the planet as the electric genie took up the grindstone for us in our technological society and brought us all closer together than ever before.

Imagine what could have been achieved had we a consistent, realistic model of the quantum forces at work that gave rise to the wonder that is electrical energy and could control it at that level.

Only equilateral geometry can unite the duality of electric and magnetic forces that give rise to the known observables and the mathematics that describes them so eloquently - a triangle

This new take on the role of an old and familiar geometry is now presented to the reader so as to reconcile the known observations with the mathematics of physics; in turn uniting the two and correcting the assumptions & errors that have crept in during the nascent development of the Sciences and prejudiced our understanding of this force of Nature to this day.

Within its regular geometry hides a trinity of forces – One Electric and Two Magnetic – each acting in their own directions, but uniting to form a singular geometry that can give substance to our dreams.

This new quantum model of the Universe gives us immediate access to clean, limitless energy as harmful stockpiles of radioactive Matter are converted into radiant heat and light - replacing older carbon fuelled power plants and meeting the energy needs of growing countries while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint on this planet dramatically.

In time, as our knowledge of the atomic structure of elements is developed, we will even be able to convert excess energies back into elements and compounds of our own choosing – the final step in achieving Science’s original dream of the transmutation of elements.

A step that is all too critical to our long-term survival as a technological species; the time of endless consumption of finite resources to meet our ever growing needs is rapidly drawing to a close as our populations increase and our limited resources dwindle through non-sustainable consumption.

We are desperately in need of a new scientific revolution, a technological solution that will allow the exponential growth of our current energy dependent industrial civilization beyond that of the current resource base we have inherited.

A simple solution that can be put into place rapidly and further developed over time; even as it re-writes some of our oldest scientific truths and pre-conceptions along with our mathematics.

Giving us answers to “What is the foundation of our Universe and how does Nature power the Stars and form all the elements that make us?

A doorway into the future has opened, it is up to us to dare peer through it and take our first steps into a new age of Humanity for all – where our Energy and resource needs can, and will be met.

Where we can strive together for the betterment of all species on Earth.


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