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Tetryonics - Equilateral Energy Discussion Dec. 28th, 2012

This is the foundation of everything. Once you get your head around the equilateral energy and its geometry, you can start putting things together without the math, and equally you can start using it to check the math of what people are telling you.

What I'm going to describe today is the equilateral tile that makes up everything. What I'll go through is the geometry, how the square roots of the momentum come about and how they relate to the current formulations of quantum mechanics. There is a bit of re-wiring of the brain that has to take place in order to follow what's going on. As you abandon the math and switch to the geometry, you'll find that you don't even think about which is which and what property is what. I look at the triangle and look where the arrow is and the rest of it just happens. It orientates around where the square root of the energy is, the angular momentum. From there you can figure everything else out.

What's been missing from the Standard Model of physics today, as it's been developed, is a tangible geometry in order to further develop a lot of our math. The current math at the moment relies on Gaussian formulations, where 4[pi] geometries are assumed to be spherical just like planets and stars. What Tetryonics will show and further elaborate on, is that the geometry or the [pi] geometry of energy is in fact equilateral triangles. It's the tessellation or joining together of these equilateral triangles that creates the quantum mechanics that we formulate our math on. It then goes on to create all the large scale Classical interactions of Newton and gravitation.

All the material that we are going through today is covered in the Tetryonics PDF's, predominantly Quantum Mechanics and then ElectroDynamics. They are the first two books in the Tetryonics series. The first one obviously being the foundation of Quantum Mechanics.

Einstein said it best when he pointed out that our understanding, everyone's understanding of physics and mathematics is basically a preconception. It's how we have come to understand either the math or the physics as it's been explained to us. The universities do just that. They explain math to us the way they understand it and then they test us to make sure we've understood the way they understand it. Unfortunately, in order to break out of the mold and create new and exciting developments in science, inevitably we have to break out of the mold. We have to move out on different paths. We have to explore and we have to come up with new testable hypothesis that we can then apply and further develop science and physics in particular.

Tetryonics takes quantized energy and angular momenta, which is normally expressed in the form of Planck's Constant, and says there is one form with two properties either side of that one form. The form being an equilateral triangle and the two properties being positive and negative charge. Any neutral energy quanta, or triangle will have a positive side and a negative side when floating in free space and being measured. As its charge measurement goes, even though it has the properties of positive and negative, it will in fact be neutral. This has led to a lot of problems in the detection and formulation of Quantum Mechanics from our Classical viewpoint.

What must be stressed and what will be seen as you go further and further into Tetryonics, is that the entire universe and everything in it boils down to just one geometry. As we've discussed that geometry is an equilateral triangle. It is positive and negative charge on either side and as soon as large quanta of those geometries are broken up into separate charges, all they want to do is seek equilibrium. It doesn't matter if it's charge equilibrium or if it's energy equilibrium, they just want to equalize out into the most stable state they can find. In doing so they create all the nuclear interactions we are familiar with along with the large scale interactions such as gravity. They are also responsible for the Familiar Law of opposites attract and similars repel.

Tetryonics itself has 3 main laws. The first one being that Energy itself is equilateral. The second one is that the law of interaction and all energy in what ever form it is will seek equilibrium. The third law states that once the system is in motion and it's seeking equilibrium, it will continue indefinitely as it cycles through it's various forms backwards and forwards.

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