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Emerging Technologies and Clean, Limitless Energies

“We are whirling through endless space with inconceivable speed, all around us everything is spinning, everything is moving, and everywhere there is energy. There must be some way of availing ourselves of this energy store more directly. Then with power derived from the light of the medium, with every form of energy obtained without effort, from the forever inexhaustible store, humanity will advance with greater strides than ever before.” 

It was Nikola Tesla who first expressed these words in 1931, and since then science has strived to realize the goal of understanding and controlling energy in all its forms in turn developing a source of clean, limitless energy that would free humanity from the limited, polluting technologies of the present.

We have made great strides in advancing our understanding of the electrical sciences over the past century since these words were written, and we have delved deep into the very structure of Matter itself, only to find that at the core of our understanding lie roadblocks that stymie our progress in the quest for sustainable sources of energy that mirror the simplistic process found in nature.

At the heart of our current problems in understanding the physics of Nature is our ability to define and differential between mass & Matter, even Energy itself on a geometric basis. Until we are able to do so, our attempts to mathematical model the process at work, on all scales of physics, will remain hopelessly abstract and filled with assumptive errors of math born from a top-down approach attempting to understand the physics of immaterial fields and material particles.

A new bottom-up approach has been devised wherein the charged geometry of Planck energy momenta itself resolves the current mathematical impasses into elegant geometric solutions reflective of the true quantum nature and mechanics of energy on all scales of physics.

With these charged 2d planar geometries and 3D topologies we can at last ‘see’ the immaterial quantum world of mass-energies and model, in exquisite detail, all the field interactions that take place unseen to us, and that give rise to nuclear Forces and fields of physical interaction.

The quantised angular momenta [QAM] of Planck’s constant is revealed to be nothing more than a reflection of the planar equilateral geometry inherent to energy momenta at the quantum level, a property that gives rise to new definitions of 2d mass-energy geometries and 3D Matter Topologies; allowing for visual and tactile manipulation of Energy and particles to be conducted for the first time in history.

We can model the formation of particles of Matter from fields of energy momenta and see how charged topologies interact with each other via interactive fields of Force, in turn leading us to new insights into the true nature of physics and a rapidly advancing understanding of the true mechanics of the Universe, hinted to us by Tesla and dreamt of by so many ever since.

With an advanced understanding of quantum fields and particle dynamics comes new insights into the charged topology of elements themselves, and finally, a completely new picture of the forces and processes at work in Stars.

The ‘fusion’ of elements in stars is shown to no longer be the process by which stars liberate energy at their cores. Just as Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements can now be replaced by a far more accurate table modeled on the quantum charge topology of each and every element with its associated quantum numbers and electron configurations, the process by which stars convert Matter into radiant mass-energies can be finally revealed through Tetryonic theory leading us to grasp the physical mechanics at work in the stars and put this knowledge to work for us here on Earth. 

The ‘work-wheel’ that powers the solar system is laid bare for all to see and we can at last correct our mistakes and begin anew to focus our efforts in a direction that will yield a limitless, non-polluting source of energy that can free us from the exploitation of finite resources [and the wars we fight over them]. No longer will national boundaries be a source of contention over access to energy sources and neither will the technologies.

With energy constraints removed we can at last strive for loftier goals than mere survival at the expense of others around us and the impoverishment of our Planet. We can at last make great strides in providing a basic standard of equality for all where energy, food, education and understanding are the hallmarks of Humanity’s progress.

We can set to work restoring great waterways to their natural states and remove pollutants and other bio/radiological wastes from our environment forever by harnessing the process of Matter-Energy conversion in all its forms like nature intended.

We can release the stored mass-energies of Matter to provide us with heat, light and horsepower anywhere we chose and store it safely in a non-radioactive form or even convert excess energies back into any element we choose for use in industries.

Crops can be fertilized using Nitrogen and Potassium created directly from energy itself and nurtured with pure water made from the destruction of radioactive wastes not the damming of rivers and their sources over geo-political borders.

Safe energy storage and release using devices modeled on the quantum topology and electrodynamics of Deuterium nuclei to power cell-phones, cars, homes and industry with endless amounts of electrical energy and new means of transmitting vast amounts of electrical energy over huge distances without the need for transmission lines as well as improved medicines, treatments and even cures based on, and developed from 3D CAD models of atoms, compounds, molecules and biological processes; are but a few of the exciting new possibilities now within our grasp technologically.

As Tesla hinted to us at the turn of the last century it is only through understanding the mechanics of immaterial fields of Force on material objects that these technologies can be glimpsed as solutions to our needs. The challenge we face is to accept and understand what comes naturally to the physics of our Universe and to give up on old wasteful ways that are squandering finite resources at an alarming rate.

Already our planet is groaning under the weight of humanity’s ever increase population and species are disappearing every day as we search for more oil and more space to fuel and feed our ever increasing demands for a better life for a growing population, this is our sole chance to take a stand, to show that we really are an advanced species capable of mimicking nature and changing our ways so that for the first time in history this generation can actually leave the planet a better place for all who share it and come after us.

This is not a fruitless dream of an ideologue who cannot step up himself and contribute to the discussion and progress toward these aims. Already 5 eBooks totaling 1,500 pages have been produced and published with another in the works and practical experimentation has commenced on the basic design of the devices mentioned limited only by funding and the hours available in a day, in due course I hoped to be joined in these effort by many others all of whom will contribute expertise and skills to the tasks at hand and help bring this vision of the future forward to fruition.

There is not a single aspect of human civilization that is not untouched by this advance in knowledge and understanding of the geometric quantum interactions of equilateral Planck quanta.

So what does it take you may well ask to realize this visions of clean, limitless energy and a rejuvenated planet released of the burdens of support human life? Not as much as you might first think, the basic engineering and electrical technologies have existed since the 1900’s when DC discharges were in vogue having been invented by Sir Humphry Davy a century earlier. Sadly with the discovery of the photoelectric effect and solid-state devices scientific study switched away from the work-wheels of nature and focused instead on mathematical extrapolations amidst the rise and success of quantum mechanics and relativistic theory.

With this new interpretation of the quantum geometry of electrical energies and the practical insights the theory offers many rapid advances in technology can be realized on many scientific fronts, once the basic geometry is explained and understood by those involved.

This is not an esoteric theory without substance – it is rooted in the rigidity of equilateral, geometric topologies that provides results matching our current observations while offering new insights in quantum theory and where the mathematics went astray from reality….

“If math is the language of physics, equilateral geometry is its grammar.”

Armed with this new geometric interpretation and explanation of all aspects of physics and electrical theory we can move our scientific focus and funds from unrealizable attempts at power generation to scalable, practical solutions that can be employed by nations and communities anywhere around the World.

The dream of ‘fusion’ energy is at an end to be replaced with the practical realization of Pinch technologies developed directly from Tetryonic theory itself and modeled on the processes of Nature.

No longer will nations or peoples be reliant on coal fired, hydro-electric or non-base load energy solutions, instead as a species we can all migrate to a source of energy that comes from the elimination of harmful waste Matter in all its forms and finally duplicate what nature offers as the ultimate solution to our energy needs; the unlimited 100% efficient Matter-energy conversion and resource creation – a new paradigm is at hand and I encourage all to investigate Tetryonic theory and the solutions it offers to our current way of life. 

Join our growing online communities and become part of the solution today.

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