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The definition of, and distinguishing between, mass & Matter in physics is one of the greatest failings of modern science.

Along with a physical definition of CHARGE geometries, it has lead to over a century of confusion in all the fields of science and its published literature.

Tetryonic geometry provides a clear foundation for the physics of mass & Matter and their relationship to Energy on all scales of physics.

mass is a 2D radiant form of EM energy

Matter is a 3D EM standing wave geometry [possessing volume]

2D mass is a property of 3D Matter - Matter is NOT a property of mass

Mass is redefined in Tetryonic terms as a 2D radiant form of EM energy.


All Tetryonic Matter is comprised of equilateral charge geometries that form standing-wave energies.

The energy content of each charge geometry is comprised of numerous quantum EM fields that always total to a square number of quanta.

EM masses are designated a n[Pi] quanta in Tetryonic theory

Matter is designated as T[pi] quanta in Tetryonic theory

So as to distingush 2D radiant mass-Energy from 3D standing-wave Matte

Tetryonic Matter is the building block of Fermions, Baryons and elements.

ALL EM mass-ENERGY-Matter has Equilateral Geometry.

Transverse EM mass-Energies form Bosons [Quantum Levels]

Longitudinal EM mass-Energies form Photons

Bosons combine to form SQUARE scalar EM energies

Massless is scientific misnomer.

2D [non-Tetrahedral] EM mass-ENERGY is 'Matterless."


Energy has a 2D Equilateral Euclidean Geometry. Energy is mass-Velocity squared (scalar mass) and is also Plank-quanta (quantized mass)

Equilateral Geometry is the inverse of spherical geometry.

Energy has a mass equivalence when measured per unit Time

The SQUARE numbers of energy in physics are Equilateral geometries.

ODD pi geometries are Bosons [EM charge carriers]

EVEN pi geometries are Photons [EM force carriers]

The energy quanta of any EM field is a SQUARE number [sum of consecutive Odd number Bosons]

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