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The Planck Unit

A Contract Between You and Me: The Philosopher’s Agreement

I assume that you are a thinking person. If you are a thinking person, you are a philosopher, and I ask you to join me in what I call the “Philosopher’s Agreement” as you read on.

The Philosopher’s Agreement is a traditional agreement philosophers have observed to place the focus on ideas and not their originators. The term ad hominem refers to an attack made on a philosopher instead of the ideas of the philosopher, and ad hominem attacks of course violate the Philosopher’s Agreement.

The Philosopher’s Agreement goes much further than merely prohibiting ad hominem attacks — it supports the philosopher’s search for ever greater understanding. According to this agreement, you have two options when you detect a flaw in my presentation:

1. If you cannot see how to correct the flaw, it is your privilege to describe the flaw and your obligation to share any thoughts you have about how to correct the flaw.

2. If you can see how to correct the flaw, it is your obligation to describe both the flaw and your solution for correcting the flaw.

Tetryonic Theory strongly supports the Electric Universe's model of Electromagnetic interactions driving the physics of our Universe on all scales. A closer examination of this work will reveal how equilateral [squared] Planck energy momenta can easily extend and give shape to your current EM models and correct many of the mathematical misconceptions that have arisen over time from extrapolating math without foundation. We invite you to review the work with an open mind.

"Mathematics [as a scientific language] has simply failed to explain how physics works...... equilateral Planck geometry on the other hand offers a concise, coherent explanation of all of the mechanics of the Universe.... The Maths of physics is a language in search of geometric grammar."K.C. Abraham

As Feynman observed, “Mathematicians…do not even need to know what they are talking about.”

"Many scientists find it hard to believe that the investigators who constructed the currently accepted theories could have made so many mistakes. It should be emphasized, therefore, that the profusion of conflicts between present-day ideas and our findings does not indicate that the previous investigators have made a multitude of errors. What has happened is that they have made a few serious errors that have had a multitude of consequences."K.C. Abraham

Tetryonics requires more than just a quick look. A quick look will always result in immediate dismissal because most of us lack the reference frame necessary to approach something so vastly different than what's been shoved down our thoughts for so long.

Looking at the actual materials with a keen eye to detail will systematically present substance of an uncanny variety. A quick glance just won't cut it here folks.

"...namely physics and maths are not one and the same thing; whilst you can model physics with (some) math, you cannot and should not use just any maths to model physics." K.C. Abraham

The geometric interpretation of the mathematics is important primarily because it is one of the essentials for an understanding of the relationship between mathematics we invent and the physical phenomena it seeks to describe for us.

While Mathematics is the language of Science – Geometry is its Grammar. And the Math Must follow the Geometry. Without this rigid geometry to guide the math, many erroneous assumptions have led us astray.

To not pause every now and then, take stock of our theories and subject them to a rigorous analysis invites us to wander down blind alleys and cul-de-sacs of experimentation when our resources and efforts could be better utilized elsewhere bettering the Human condition.

Since the discovery of Electric and Magnetic forces, and their unification with Mathematics we have sought to describe their effects and developed in-numerable electrical technologies that have advanced the standard of living for many across the planet as the electric genie took up the grindstone for us in our technological society and brought us all closer together than ever before.

Imagine what could have been achieved had we a consistent, realistic model of the quantum forces at work that gave rise to the wonder that is electrical energy and could control it at that level.

Only equilateral geometry can unite the duality of electric and magnetic forces that give rise to the known observables and the mathematics that describes them so eloquently - a triangle.

This new take on the role of an old and familiar geometry is now presented to the reader so as to reconcile the known observations with the mathematics of physics; in turn uniting the two and correcting the assumptions and errors that have crept in during the nascent development of the Sciences and prejudiced our understanding of this force of Nature to this day.

Adding to the mysteries of quantum mechanics is a number of well-known QED effects that have also eluded physical explanation - to date. In 1865, James Maxwell Clerk unified the then disparate theories of Electric and Magnetic fields into a theory of Electromagnetism and related then to the velocity of light.

The exact quantum geometry of EM wave geometries ( and the Photons comprising them) that explains their Wave functions and observed interference patterns represents one of the greatest challenges to developing a concise fully realized quantum theory of EM radiation.

Wave-Particle duality dating back to the 17th century is perhaps the best known example of quantum behavior that has defied precise modeling despite intense effort by scientists around the World for over two centuries.

The application of equilateral energy to the charged geometries of Photons and EM waves not only explains these long standing mysteries but also removes the quantum fuzziness introduced by Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle, thus clearing the way for science to develop an advanced understanding of Electricity, its role in Quantum ElectroDynamics and provide new clean forms of energy from the quantum processes."KCA

For the first time in human history we now have a proper definition of mass-Energy-Matter and we have unified Planck with Einstein as there is a major failing in regards to the way modern physics understands it today. hv does not equal hf and this must be corrected in every text book moving forward. Rather [2hv=hf] basically highlighting that modern physics has yet to distinguish between even and odd numbers of energy quanta. Unbelievable really. What we are suggesting is that without the proper Geometric Key, math is writing their own sentences without any grammar to speak of.

Using Equilateral Energy all the geometries of quantum EM mass-Matter particles can be physically modeled revealing the known standard model particles.

Bosons are shown to be transverse EM fields that facilitate EM induction and photons are revealed as longitudinal dual-charge pairs possessing a neutral EM charge and inherent magnetic moment.

The net uni-directional momentum of bosons then distinguishes them from photons that possess a bi-directional momentum.

Closer examination of the geometries highlights a long-standing error is the mathematical formulation of QM energy formulae, namely the mistaken interchanging of planks quanta [v] for Einstein’s frequency[f] in relation to energy. It, in fact, takes 2 charged Bosons [hv] to create a neutral Photon [hf] mathematically equating the two [as historically has been the case] is the same as saying 2=1.

Tetryonics itself has 3 main laws.

1) The first one being that Energy itself is equilateral.

2) The second one is that the law of interaction and all energy in what ever form it is will seek equilibrium.

3) The third law states that once the system is in motion and it's seeking equilibrium, it will continue indefinitely as it cycles through it's various forms backwards and forwards.

The 3rd Law of Tetryonics just simply highlights that our Universe [and all the physics of mass-ENERGY-Matter in motion] is made up of finite, deterministic eq. Planck quanta.

As a result the appearance of ‘infinity’ in ANY equation of physics must not be taken seriously as it is simply a mathematical way of saying ‘we don’t really know the precise number here but it is big]…. As a result equations in QED etc. must be re-normalised [i.e. have their infinities cancelled out by introducing negative infinities that were never in [or resulted from] the equations to begin with, in order to make sense of the work and GR leads to infinite energy densities at point singularities causing its equations to fail when trying to look a t quantum processes – thus introducing Black holes etc.]

Clearly, mathematical nonsense of this sort has to stop and any unified theory of mass-energy-Matter changing in space over time that covers and unifies QM, QED, Chemistry and Cosmology on all scales of physics using finite, deterministic quanta should NOT have infinities anywhere in them… AT ALL.

Eternity however is a subtly different beast entirely, it describes a never-ending, changing, dynamic system over time and this accurately models our physical Universe where ENERGY in all its forms and expressions is in constant, endless motion as it seeks a state of equilibrium between gravitational Matter and radiant mass-energy momenta.

Hence the 3rd Law of Tetryonics is born.

Tetryonics is a new quantum theory of mass-energy Matter, stemming from a radical reinterpretation of what 'square' numbers are in physics and their application to Quantized Angular Momentum (QAM). It can now be shown through the geometry that the QAM of Planck’s constant is in fact the result of its quantized Equilateral Triangular Geometry, not a vector rotation about a point.

For further reference concerning the Tessellation of Equilateral Geometries, I recommend looking at Wayne Roberts Scale Structure Theory. He connects these idea up in a purely mathematical way, and goes a long way to showing that Tetryonics is in fact headed in the right direction.

The equilateral geometry itself gives rise to the physical properties of charge, electrical permittivity, magnetic permeability and the rigid physical relationships between inertial mass-energy and moment in physical systems at the quantum level. Charge(QAM/C2) ,in addition to its role as the geometric source of physical properties, also provides the quantum framework for radiant 2D mass-energies to become 3D standing waves Matter geometries facilitating the development of large scale physical systems of atoms, compounds, stars and galaxies throughout our universe.

Hitherto unexplained and mysterious properties of quantum mechanics are now revealed as having their origin in the geometry of Planck’s constant itself.

We are dealing with a single Equilateral Energy 'qoin', with a plus side, and a negative side. Meaning a plus charge, and a negative charge exist as a heads and tails configuration, and if one energy coin was firmly in between you and I, I might be looking at the positive charge, while you would be measuring the same energy quanta, only your reading would be that of a negative charge.

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