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Rewire Your Brain

1) Math is the Language of Physics.

2) Geometry is the Grammar that the Math Must Follow.

3) Square numbers are in fact Equilateral [Triangular] Geometries

4) Energy propagating along various axises create SPACE-TIME co-ordinate systems  [ie Light creates c^2 space-time co-ordinates [seconds] - &  2 orthogonal beams of light create c^4 space-time [s^2]]. We can equate c^2 to seconds  & c^4 to seconds squared for Space-Time co-ordinate systems. This clearly shows the connection between TIME in seconds and SPACE in [c^n directions]

5) EM mass is the 2-d energy content of an equilateral triangle inscribed within the circular time measurement.

6) 3-d Matter is where 4 of these 2-d triangular areas meet to form a standing wave geometries.

7) There is purely empty space inside a Tetryon, which causes a "pressure" gradient.

8) Charge can be positive and negative. Think of this as two different sides to the same coin. [charge is actually determined by the M vector of the magnetic dipole]

9) ‘Square number’ geometries create a broken symmetry [imbalance] of positive & negative quanta in EM fields resulting in charge.

10) Bosons are quantum levels and are comprised of odd number of equilateral triangles. They are transverse EM mass-energies - Planck's quantum.

11) Photons are where two opposite charges come together to form a quantum harmonic oscillator. They are longitudinal EM mass-energies – Einstein’s Photon.

12) Charged geometries create a longitudinal normal distribution of mass-Energies [a Bell curve] This distribution provides the geometric basis for the EM wave-functions [probability mechanics of QM]

All energy geometries radiate out from their point sources at the speed of Light. Their measured E-field and M-field changes are the result of expanding equilateral geometries. E-fields are diamond shaped geometries [Permittivity] M-fields are dual equilateral geometries [Permeability]

This clearly shows the connection between TIME in seconds and SPACE in [c^n directions]

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