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Thoughts on Tetryonics

Lee Smolin, in "The Trouble with Physics" highlights the difficulty independent researchers face when he states; “Science requires a balance between rebellion and respect…but there is no balance in the current academic world. More than at any time in the history of science, the cards are stacked against the revolutionary. Such people are not tolerated in the research universities.”

Anyone who follows or has a career in physics, will know something or other about the CERN facility. Last year CERN proclaimed from the rooftops the long awaited news that they had finally identified the Higgs Boson. This article attempts to call out this multi-billion dollar charade by offering an alternative hypothesis. Have these scientists been going on and on about the proverbial Higgs Boson while not knowing the least thing about it? If so, how could something like that happen you ask? Well, I would like to introduce to you a friend of mine, KC Abraham.

"Many scientists find it hard to believe that the investigators who constructed the currently accepted theories could have made so many mistakes. It should be emphasized, therefore, that the profusion of conflicts between present-day ideas and our findings does not indicate that the previous investigators have made a multitude of errors. What has happened is that they have made a few serious errors that have had a multitude of consequences."--KC Abraham of Tetryonic Theory

Tetryonics offers humanity an alternative model of physics that has a simple and straightforward approach. In the truest sense of the phrase, KC Abraham, single-handedly resolves virtually all of the quandaries dumbfounding mainstream science today. Abraham claims to have found what CERN is looking for, yet CERN continues with their deceptive announcements and "achievements" concerning the Higgs Boson. Let me be first to inform you, that these guys are peddling the worst kind of dogma.

What Abraham has discovered is something nobody else has yet to identify. The magnitude of this discovery is initially difficult to communicate, however in order to understand this alternative model of physics, all you need is to grasp a few single concepts.

Tetryonics itself has 3 main laws.

1) Energy itself is equilateral.

2) The law of interaction and all energy in what ever form it is will seek equilibrium.

3) Once the system is in motion and it's seeking equilibrium, it will continue indefinitely as it cycles through it's various forms backwards and forwards.

The next foundational concept to understand would then be; "If maths is the language of Science, geometry is its grammar."

What T-Theory is suggesting is that math can model many systems, however without the proper knowledge of the "grammar" that math should use, our scientific community and mathematicians are grasping at straws and cannot put the math into it's proper perspective. This is how strange ideas and abstract concepts end up as irrefutable cornerstones of mainstream science. Concepts such as Black Holes, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, 10 Dimensional Super Gravity, along with String Theory have all been abstracted from our erroneous understanding of math.

As Feynman observed, “Mathematicians…do not even need to know what they are talking about.” The geometric interpretation of the mathematics is important primarily because it is one of the essentials for an understanding of the relationship between mathematics we invent and the physical phenomena it seeks to describe for us. Another important quote from Sir James Jeans is; "The history of theoretical physics is a record of the clothing of mathematical formula which were right, or very nearly right, with physical interpretations which were often very badly wrong."

Currently accepted theories rely on Gaussian formulations, where 4[pi] geometries are assumed to be spherical. Tetryonics clearly shows that the [pi] geometry of energy is an equilateral triangle. As these energy triangles tessellate, they produce the 'square' numbers of physics, which lead to the many mathematical formulations of quantum mechanics.

John Archibald Wheeler describes what he calls the end of physics and mathematics when he states; “To my mind there must be, at the bottom of it all, not an equation, but an utterly simple idea. And to me that idea, when we finally discover it, will be so compelling, so inevitable, that we will say to one another, Oh, how beautiful. How could it have been otherwise?”

Tetryonics is a new theory that; "...effortlessly merges the tested features of Classical mechanics with the statistical probabilities of quantum mechanics and scales up to the cosmological scales of General Relativity." It's the concept of a tangible geometry that trumps the math, that provides a visual expressive language, while first and foremost turning physics into a system of thought.

We all want a deeper level of understanding and truth to rest one's laurels on when attempting to provide the world with new energy solutions. For the first time in history, we have a proper distinction between mass and Matter. Tetryonics uses this single underlying premise to put our known knowledge into the proper perspective. If you are looking for an intuitive way to understand these topics, how exciting is it to realize that you may be holding the next logical progression and expression of humanity's greatest achievements in your hands?

When something new comes to the forefront, it's natural to be skeptical. "To not pause every now and then, take stock of our theories and subject them to a rigorous analysis invites us to wander down blind alleys and cul-de-sacs of experimentation when our resources and efforts could be better utilized elsewhere bettering the Human condition."(Abraham)

Science progresses a single funeral at a time, but new ideas are eventually assimilated. These new discoveries undermine the entire mainstream understanding, and is therefore a threat to those in control of scientific progress at large. The outcropping of such revolutionary understanding is really anybody's guess, but we are suggesting that humanity stands firmly upon a precipice full of possibility. What we do with it in the years to come will surely be an exciting spectacle the world never could have imagined.

To date Tetryonics has advanced much further than what these few short paragraphs will allow, but it is clear that the rigid modeling and answers afforded to Science by this approach opens the door to many new discoveries and opportunities for all of Humanity, including wonders like clean, limitless Energy and unlimited resources.

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