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  • Geometrics

    Unexplained and mysterious properties of quantum mechanics are now revealed as having their origin in the geometry of planks constant itself.

  • Quantum Mechanics

    Tetryonic Theory facilitates the development of a whole new field of Physical maths based on equilateral triangles in lieu of the spherical geometries historically employed.

  • ElectroDynamics

    Equilateral energy provides the foundation for the creation of a single equation that expresses EM mass‐ENERGY and Matter as the result of geometric charge interactions.

  • Chemistry

    Tetryonic quantum geometries - shaking Chemistry to its core with a new Periodic Table 2.0 based on the physical quantum geometries of all the elements.

  • Cosmology

    Gravity is a strictly convergent force created by the presence of 3D standing wave mass energies [Matter] in the Vacuum energies of our Universe.