• Tetryonic Unified Theory Overview

Tetryonic Unified Theory Overview



Given the range and applied scope of Quantum Physics in today's Technological World there remains a driving desire to rationalize our numerous disparate scientific theories into one coherent discipline that can be applied equally to the Quantum and Cosmological scales of our Universe.

Such a theory would need to preserve the currently observed outcomes and present established theories in a new light, offering additional testable predictions of its own, and ideally do so in a manner that is simpler than that of the established quantum theories and hypotheses.

Many Foundational properties of Quantum Mechanics remain unaddressed by scientific theory and in the following pages an overview of the key quantum properties challenging our current scientific advancement will be highlighted, including a number of assumptions that currently impede the development of a fully realized, coherent solution to all of our current scientific questions.

In addition to revolutionizing our understanding of Quantum geometries and interactions, Tetryonic Theory facilitates the development of a whole new field of Physical maths based on equilateral triangles in lieu of the spherical geometries historically employed.

It effortlessly merges the tested features of Classical mechanics with the statistical probabilities of quantum mechanics and scales up to the cosmological scales of General Relativity.