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Tetryonics on Time

Time is [delta.QAM] or the changing equilateral geometry of Energy in any spatial region under changing Planck quanta.... Without changes to the energy content of any region we could not detect any motion in order to measure time.... formally we measure these changes as accelerations [dv/dt] to physical systems.

Just as changing linear momentum gives us accelerations in time, the changing Charge [mass.time] geometries of Planck quanta at the quantum level within physical systems gives us our perception of change in the macroscopic world with which we create measurements of Time.

Where modern science fails is in its understanding of the physics of Time, it is the result of changes to quantum geometries, it is conservative and 'flows' in one of two directions as a direct result of the inductive flux of quantised energy momenta at the quantum scale [Planck's quanta]... in a circular, not 'linear' direction, that results in our measurements of acceleration, heat, entropy and even relativistic Lorentz corrections to wavelength and frequency of photons of energy momenta.

Equilateral QAM geometry is a foundational physical property of Planck quanta themselves facilitating the creation of charged masses from scalar Energy, all the physical Forces at work & even provides us with colors in our Universe.

Our ability to measure changing QAM geometries gives us our perception of Time.

TIME in physics - is nothing more than a measure of the changing QAM [quantised angular momenta] geometries of all the Planck quanta that make up any physical system in any given spatial co-ordinate system.

d.QAM/c^2 = d.[m^2/s]/[m^2/s^2] = d.s = TIME.

The direction of QAM flux creates CHARGE [mass.sec] at the quantum scale (which is often mistaken for time by relativity theorists) and where additional Planck energy momenta geometries are added to relativistic EM fields about objects its QAM content increases in line with the energy content of the EM field.

d.E = d.hv^2/c^2 = d.m(OMEGA).v^2/c^2 = m.d(QAM).v^2/c^2.

Space-time is a scientific non-sequitur, a mathematical abstraction created to explain relativistic motions and gravitation accelerations.

Space [any spatial co-ordinate system] is separate from Time [d.seconds] in physics which is revealed to be a measure of the changing Planck quanta geometries in any spatial region of measurement.

TIME = [d.QAM/c^2] = d.[m^2/s]*[s^2/m^2] = d.[seconds]

Neither is Quantised Angular Momenta a vector rotation about a point as has been assumed in modern physics - it is in fact a scalar measure of equilateral Planck geometries per second [m^2/s]

In turn revealing CHARGE to be a measure of quantum scale inductive [inertial] mass.seconds - distinct from the causal [entropic] arrow of time as measured and observed on the macro-scale.

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