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The Golden Number

Tetryonics shines new light on the Golden number, also known as the Divine Proportion or the Golden Ratio.

Providing a geometric understanding of this number, it’s clear that the golden ratio is actually an intrinsic property of energy and photons.

Humanity has struggled to sufficiently explain the origins of this ratio in reality and now the relationship can be intuitively understood according to a geometric basis.

Although an inscribed equilateral triangle within a circular boundary is well know, it being representative of mass itself is not. Also the fact that the geometry of a photon highlights the Phi ratio is something no one else has yet to explicitly reveal.

Some key points mentioned below:

Tetryonic geometry reveals the maximum E-field amplitude of the reduced Planck constant to be an example of the Golden ratio in Physics.

The Area of the E-field permittivity diamond [ALDM] produced by the golden ratio bisector is ½ the area of the original equilateral Planck Triangle [ABC].

Applying the golden ratio to quantum scale electrodynamic geometry we can quickly determine that the linear momentum and magnetic moment vectors of photons and EM waves can also be expressed as a golden ratio.


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