...to a new age in Scientific Understanding. This new Quantum Model of the Universe gives us immediate access to clean, limitless energy as harmful stockpiles of radioactive Matter are converted into radiant heat and light - replacing older carbon fuelled power plants and meeting the energy needs of growing countries while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint on this planet dramatically.

A doorway into the future has opened, it is up to us to dare peer through it and take our first steps into a new age of Humanity for all – where our Energy and resource needs can and will be met, and where we can strive together for the betterment of all species on Earth.

  • Mechanics

    Quantum Mechanics

    The A-priori Revelation is that all square mass-energies posses equilateral momenta geometries.

  • Electrodynamics

    Equilateral Trianagles

    are the foundtaional charge geometry of EM mass-Energy Matter.

  • Chemistry

    Mathematical Models

    While math is the language of science, without the correct rigid geometry to serve as its guiding grammar, it produces only gibberish.

  • Cosmology

    The Higgs Boson Revealed

    The Higgs boson can be considered to be a massive 2D planar geometry that forms a singular charged fascia of Matter.


About me

My name is Richard and I am a Tetryonics Student. I was born with an innate curiosity about the world and the universe, and have been seeking truth for over 30 years. With the permission of Abraham, I am mirroring Tetryonics materials in an attempt to encourge an ongoing discussion.

Important Points in Science
Tetryonic Introduction - An Overview
Principia Geometrica [1] - Quantum Mechanics
Principia Geometrica [2] - Quantum Electrodynamics
Principia Geometrica [3] - Quantum Chemistry
Principia Geometrica [4] - Quantum Cosmology
Principia Geometrica [5] - Quantum Mathematics

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